Exhibition Curated by Matt Freedman for the FiveMyles Gallery in Brooklyn who generously shared the opening for a screening of my and Emma Houllihan's collaborative venture to reconstitute the No Place video exhibition I curated for Cheekwood 2 years ago.

Here is the list of artists:
Kazuhiro Goshima (Japan) Fade Into White #4
Pavle Vukovic (Serbia)Run Rabbit Run
Bill Daniel ( USA), Sunset Scavenger
Melody Owen ( USA)
Harrell Fletcher ( USA), The Forbidden Zone
Kristin Lucas (USA) Lo-Fi Green Sigh
Charles Huntley Nelson and Kevin Sipp (USA) Mutropolis
Collectif-Fact (Switzerland) Reliefs
Magda Tothova (Slovakia) Lenin and the Maiden
Michelle Browne (Ireland) Chambermaids
Mark Clare (Ireland) The Perfect Human
Paul Murnaghan (Ireland) Light From a Dead Star
Ted Davee, (USA) CrowFilm,
Dixon Myers, Chris Stone, Natalie Baxter, Greg Pond (USA and Jamaica), The
Krista Connerly, USA, untitled (romantic mountains and sea with horse mask)