A portable sound station with 3, 4 -channel sound pieces generated with Pure Data are orchestrated by 2 internally-networked cpus housed in the wooden sculpture. The sounds generate an alternating expanding and compressing sonic landscape with various kinds of manipulated waveforms through granular synthesis and other techniques. The code is projected. The sensors and an Arduino microcontroller in the wooden sculpture respond to the way the sound behaves in each space and provide input that affects the behavior of the software and the sound. The piece can be connected to the internet and operated remotely.

Installed at Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts

a lot of thanks goes to Collin Asmus for his help. His invitation to show there got me moving on this sooner than I would have otherwise and without his help it wouldn't have gotten installed.

Thanks also goes to Archie Stapleton and Lauren Busey for their help in the studio

software contributions in Pure Data come from Hans Chrtistoph Steiner, Kevin McCoy, and Dan Trueman