sound installations in the Burren

While on a residency in Western Ireland I was able to work in a places that allowed me the opportunity to learn more about sound as a sculptural medium. In these places I was able to use the unique aspects of the architecture as tool for affecting sound

Sound Installation at the Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughn, Ireland
Four sine waves with frequencies within 4-6 hertz of each other are released into
the room. The amplitude of each is controlled to vary rapidly, in specific patterns. Moveable walls create baffles for the sound to direct their movement. Because the frequencies are similar, the sound waves seem to combine and change shape when they collide. This can be heard and felt as they move through the space. The 8-channel speaker module was built for these projects.

sound installation at the burren college of art studios
code below:

Sound Installation in Newton Castle, Ballyvaughn,
County Clare, Ireland, 2007
An eight-channel sound piece was installed through the four floors of the tower castle. Two speakers were placed in each room; one in the middle of the floor and the other directly above in the ceiling. This arrangement created a sonic pole that pierced the building. Sounds panned between the speakers and were delivered in such a way to affect one’s sense of the size of each room and the location of the sounds throughout the building. Each floor of the castle was built from differnt materials and had varying structures and shapes which transformed the sounds as they moved from room to room. Sensors were used to generate “behaviors” within the composition. When certain amplitudes or frequencies were detected in a certain place then the sound patterns are changed in response by the cpu- it can listen to itself and respond to its own behaviors.